Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard

The Amazon Selling Queen & best-selling author

Ecommerce is booming in this COVID world, and what better way to learn more about it than by Sophie Howard.

Sophie is a best-selling eCommerce author and online business coach who came to fame after selling one of her Amazon businesses for over $1 million USD, another for 6 figures and for launching over 1,000 products on the platform.

She now mentors thousands of entrepreneurs to do the same. Sophie teaches her quick-start guide to setting up a new potential income stream on Amazon in 90 days including:

  • Real examples of hot products doing big money now!
  • How to source products from all around the world to sell on Amazon - just using email.
  • How to potentially ‘Automate’ up to 90% of your eCommerce business in one simple move
  • How to start selling on Amazon in America, Australia, the UK and all around the world - without ever needing to post a single parcel yourself, or even leaving your home.
  • How she created a $1 million USD payday by selling one of her Amazon stores. This was like an early retirement paycheck.

Check out her not to be missed presentation for more.

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