Andrew Baxter

Andrew Baxter

Elite trader & investment educator. Cashflow strategist.

Andrew Baxter is a highly experienced trader and investment educator.

His approach to market education is based on a blend of technical and fundamental analysis simplified for everyone to understand. This approach has made him a highly sought-after investment speaker and in recent years he’s shared the stage with the cream of the industry, speaking alongside big names like Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson.

As a Licensed Equities and Derivatives Broker with the highest industry accreditation, Andrew is widely respected and has spoken as a keynote speaker for a variety of associations and professional bodies around the country such as the ASX and Australian Investors Association.

Regarded by many as one of Australia’s leading financial educators, Andrew has a passion for trading and empowering everyday Australians to build their knowledge to master the skills and confidence to successfully tackle markets and avoid the pitfalls which can capture so many.

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